Personal and Business Accounts

We are now offering an account option on the Kijiji App for business users to keep business/professional listings separate from personal listings. This new Business account will allow Kijiji to unlock a better experience exclusive for Business sellers.

To register a Business account, go to the Kijiji App and choose ‘Create business account’ on the Registration page and follow the prompts to complete the registration process using your business email address. Now you can keep your personal items separate from any business listings via two separate accounts. If you only want to use a business account you can do that too! You can also convert your personal account to a business account by going to Manage Account on the Kijiji App.

When using your business account, you will only be able to post business/professional listings and will no longer have the option to post personal listings and vice versa for personal accounts. Insertion fees, ad features and visibility packages to promote your ads will continue to be available for both and might be different depending on the account type. 

Kijiji App registration page

Having trouble signing up? Keep in mind you will need to use an email address that hasn’t been used on Kijiji.  Please contact our helpdesk for further assistance.

If you’re an existing professional/business seller, there is no action required to change to this new Business account type. Your existing account will be automatically upgraded! For more about business accounts and changes to listing fees, refer to our FAQs here
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