What Is a CARFAX Canada Report?

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As a serious car buyer or seller, one thing’s for sure, you don’t want any hidden secrets when making such a large transaction. That’s why a CARFAX Canada report is such a valuable tool. Being able to get a used vehicle’s history can provide the peace of mind you need to make a confident purchasing decision.

Formerly known as CARPROOF, CARFAX Canada is the country’s most comprehensive and trusted source of vehicle information.

A CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report includes important details about a car such as :

  • Accident data
  • Lien status
  • Open safety recalls
  • Full U.S. history report

Anyone can order a CARFAX Canada report, all you need is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, which can be found on all vehicles). All reports are valid for a period of 6 months.

Buyers and sellers alike can benefit from this report. As a buyer, receiving a report from a trusted third party can be a source of reassurance, as it contains a lot of non-biased information. Knowing what to expect can take the stress out of buying a used vehicle. A CARFAX Canada report can answer all kinds of questions – some you didn’t even know you had!

Including a CARFAX Canada report in your listing, whether you’re a private seller or a dealer, comes with many benefits. It can help attract buyers by reassuring them about the history of your car. From its overall condition, damage history, liens, recalls and more, it can help the purchaser make an informed decision. For dealers specifically, the addition of a CARFAX Canada report can help properly evaluate trade-ins, justify premium pricing and provide full disclosure, thereby offering protection against liability. Their addition can also help build consumer confidence and brand loyalty, not to mention fulfill due diligence obligations.

There are two types of CARFAX Canada reports;

Vehicle History Report + Lien Check: This is the most detailed vehicle history report. It includes accident history, registration information, a stolen vehicle check and other available records as well as a guaranteed Canadian lien search.

Vehicle History Report: This report does not offer lien information, but does provide you with the car’s full accident or damage history, as well as registration and branding details from Canada and the U.S. This report will also tell you if the vehicle is marked as stolen along with other information and records.

Note: When buyers view your ad, they will only be able to see the Vehicle History Report by default. This is done to protect your information and comply with GDPR best practices. If you have purchased a Vehicle History Report + Lien Check and wish to share it with a buyer, please send it to them directly.

As a seller, when you purchase a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report or Vehicle History Report + Lien Check with your Kijiji ad, or attach an existing report, you may see some helpful badges displayed within your ad which give potential buyers a quick visual about your vehicle. These will be displayed for private sellers (For Sale by Owner) as well as dealers, as long as CARFAX Canada determines they meet the criteria. For now, these badges appear on Kijiji’s desktop site (and not in the app).

No Reported Accidents – Indicates that there are no damage records that have been reported to CARFAX Canada on the vehicle, including police reports, insurance claims, and body shop repair records.

One Owner – Indicates that the vehicle has only had one owner, and is registered as a personal and/or personal lease vehicle.

Top Condition – Indicates that the vehicle is in the best condition. This badge is available for registered vehicles in Canada that meet the conditions of the manufacturer’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, as well as CARFAX Canada’s requirements.

Low Kilometers - Indicates that the vehicle registers less than 18,000 kilometers per year.


For more information about CARFAX Canada, click here to access the CARFAX Canada FAQs.

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