The URL feature is a great way to direct people to additional information about your item, business, or service. It places a clickable link (hyperlink) in the seller profile section on the right side of your ad.



To include a clickable link to your website:

1Scroll down to the Media section of the post ad or edit ad window.
2Click the Link to your website checkbox.
3Enter your URL in the field below the checkbox. Make sure to type in the full link, including the http information at the front of the URL.
4If you’re posting a new ad, click Post Ad. If you’re editing an ad, click Save Changes.
5You’ll be taken to the payment screen. Enter your billing information and proceed with the payment.

Once your payment has been completed and your ad has been verified, your URL feature will appear on your ad.


  • If the ad is renewed, a new URL must be purchased for the feature to continue.
  • Once an URL feature is purchased, the link is not editable.
  • Ads created for the sole purpose of directing traffic to an alternate website are not allowed on Kijiji.
  • To find the cost of features, please read our Cost of Promoting Ads article.

Please read our website links policy page.

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