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 Masked Email Addresses

Safety first!  In order to protect you from receiving unwanted spam or fraudulent replies, we now automatically mask the email addresses of buyers and sellers on non-commercial ads when replying through email on the Kijiji site.

Rest assured that you will still receive email replies to your ad(s) and you can still reply back to buyers from your own mailbox in the normal way.  

Responding to ads posted in Jobs and posted by professional users

Our business users have a developed relationship with Kijiji which allows us to collect more information about them.  As we have an established relationship with these business accounts, your contact email address will appear unmasked as it normally would in any other email.

When an email reply is sent to any Kijiji ad posted in Jobs or by a professional account across any category, the sender’s email address will not be masked. The rationale here is that businesses and employers need to properly qualify their clientele or job seekers. By being able to view the direct contact details of those who reply, the quality of communication is increased between the business and the individual.

So… how does it work?

When someone replies through email to an ad that is not from a business or posted in the Job category, instead of displaying that person’s actual email address, we simply replace it with a unique Kijiji email address.   We’ll also include a brief explanation so that the recipient understands why the email address has been masked.

Replying to the masked email address (as per the format below) will send your replies via Kijiji for your protection.

Here is an example of how we mask an email address.  Please note that the sender's email address has been replaced with a unique, anonymous email address (
How do I reply back?

If you receive an email from Kijiji with a masked email address, simply reply back to the person from your personal email mailbox as you normally would.  For example, if you have a Hotmail account, click on "reply".   This will show the "mail to" address as the masked Kijiji email address.   This email address is unique and will enable us to route your reply directly back to the person who emailed you.

You can include attachments up to 10 MB (approx. 3 pictures) to your reply or even copy other people in your reply, all as you normally would.  

Please note:  
  • For your safety, we recommend you only use the masked email address when replying to emails.  
  • As set out in our Privacy Policy, for your security we may scan messages automatically and check for spam, viruses, phishing and other malicious activity or illegal or prohibited content. We do not permanently store messages sent through these resources. ​
  • Forwarding and cc’ing other email addresses in your replies may cause interruptions in service.
December 14th, 2017