Fraud: Phishing Scams

From time to time, Kijiji users (as well as users of most other popular websites) are targeted by what is known as “phishing scams”. These have nothing to do with boating or fishing – these are emails which generally involve links to fake websites designed by scammers to steal your Kijiji login details, and any other personal information they can get their hands on.

Phishing emails will often tell you that your account has been disabled, locked out, or suspended, and may also include a link to Kijiji that appears legitimate, but when clicked will bring you to a phishing website. Remember, Kijiji will never request your password, and accounts cannot be reactivated or unfrozen by logging into the website (if your account has posting issues, you will have to contact support for assistance).

You can keep your Kijiji account secure by only signing in when your web browser indicates that the page is secure, and the URL begins with

If you suspect that an email may not be from Kijiji, you can check the headers in the email to see where the email came from. To check this, open the suspicious email (do not reply!), and check the email headers. Here are the different ways to check from several popular email providers:
  • Gmail: click the down arrow next to sender’s name and reply options, then click on “Show Original”
  • Hotmail: in your inbox, right click the email then click “View Message Source”
  • Outlook: click “File” then “Info”, “Properties”
  • Older versions of Outlook: in your inbox, right click the email, then click “Message Options”
  • Apple Mail: click “View”, then “Message” then “Long Headers”

After following these steps, simply refer to the “received from” line in the details and it should tell you if it was from Kijiji – if not, you know it’s a fake, not from Kijiji at all! Please forward phishing fraud attempts to 

If you still can’t tell if it was from Kijiji, copy the full header data (as well as the email itself, which we are always interested in) and send it to our help desk and we can help you determine if it was a real Kijiji email.

If you see a fake version of the Kijiji website, please report it to support as soon as possible. If you believe you have entered your login details to a fake website, change your Kijiji password immediately, and any other passwords that are the same, as they will likely try your email/password combination on several different websites. If they gain access to your email you are vulnerable to identity theft. To avoid fraud, it’s always a good idea to have different passwords on different websites. If you have questions or concerns about scams, please reach out to customer service or visit the safety section for more information.
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