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Received Email About an Ad I Didn't Post

If you unexpectedly receive an email from Kijiji confirming that you just posted an ad, but you did not actually post the ad, then someone else may have gained access to your account. This could be an attempt to defraud the community.
Please sign in to your Kijiji account immediately to change your password and delete any ads that you did not post. Also verify that your existing listings were not modified.
To change your password:
Click on the My Kijiji link found at the top right hand side of the page to log into your account.
Click on the My Profile link found under the search bar at the top of the page.
From the Account Details box select the Change password link.
Reset your password.

Your Kijiji password had probably been obtained using "phishing", a process where scammers send you fake emails that look like they are from Kijiji and ask you to sign in via a fake Kijiji site. 
To ensure that you do not fall for phishing attacks, always make sure that when you sign into Kijiji the address in your web browser starts with