Top Ads on Kijiji Autos

Top Ads that are purchased in the Cars & Trucks or Classic Cars categories on Kijiji will also be applied to your ad on Kijiji Autos at no extra cost.

Each search results page will have 2 Top Ads that fit the criteria of a search. Both of these 2 spots will be labelled “promoted”. As you browse, new Top Ads will be loaded each time “load more” is clicked.


How Top Ads Work on Kijiji Autos

When you purchase the Top Ad feature your ad will start to appear in two separate places. One copy of your ad will be shown in the Top Ad sections, and a second copy will continue to appear above or below the promoted ads as it normally would. If you notice your ad outside of the promoted sections, don’t worry!

If there are more than 2 Top Ads within a search, they will be chosen randomly to fill each spot. Every time “load more” is clicked or the search is restarted, a new random selection will be shown. Rest assured that even if you don’t see your ad right away, other buyers will.

Example: If there are 4 Top Ads within a specific search, then each ad will have a 50% chance of being shown in the first two Top Ad spots. When more results are loaded, they will again have a 50% chance of being shown in the next 2 Top Ad spots.


How Long Top Ads Are Active

You can purchase a Top Ad for 3, 7 or 30 days in the Cars & Trucks and Classic Cars categories. As Top Ads are applied to both Kijiji and Kijiji Autos at the same time, Top Ads on Kijiji Autos will run for the same length as your Top Ad on Kijiji. You can choose how long you’d like your Top Ad to run when you purchase the feature.

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