Ticket Policies

Over the years, a few key factors have changed within the Tickets category that have presented new challenges to both buyers and sellers. Due to this, we have made the decision to close the Tickets category. As of July 29, 2019, no new ads will be able to be posted in Tickets. To learn more about why we’ve made this decision, please read our Closing the Tickets Category article.

Most tickets are no longer allowed on Kijiji. If you’re selling tickets to large events, we suggest using Kijiji’s partner StubHub. We will still allow certain kinds of tickets to be posted in the Events category within the Community section. To be allowed on Kijiji, the event and applicable tickets must meet the following guidelines:

  • The event is small and focused on the local community, such as:
    • Charity fundraising events
    • Events held at, and operated by, a school, college, university or other post-secondary institution, a church or other place of worship, or a building owned or operated by a municipality, school board or community organization; or
    • Other local lifestyle events, such as food or street festivals, and local community tournaments.
  • Any tickets for the above noted events must be sold at face value or less and have a low monetary value (e.g. under $50 per ticket).

If you’re not sure if your event meets the above criteria, please contact our customer service team.