Digital Items & Accounts

Kijiji Canada no longer allows the sale or trade of digital items or accounts on the site. There is often an elevated risk of viruses, copyright infringement, and fraud when buying and selling these types of items. The safety of our community is always our top priority, and as such, we’ve made the decision to prohibit the sale of digital items and accounts.

This includes:

  • Gaming accounts (Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Steam, etc.) and related items (skins, in-game items/money, etc.)
  • Accounts with multiple device allowances (Netflix, Spotify, iTunes Music, etc.)
  • Digital copies of movies, music, books or software
  • Any other digital good that you are not authorized to sell

What’s the risk of buying access to an account?

Unlike taking over a gym membership or a phone plan, there is no officially supported way to take over online accounts. Due to this, accounts are still in the control of the original owner, even after they’ve sold it. Fraudsters use this to regain access and kick the buyer out after payment is received. On top of this, most companies do not allow the sale of accounts, meaning that you run the risk of the account being closed for a violation of their Terms of Use.

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