How do I fix the location for my listing?

If the location for your listing is wrong, you may need to adjust the address before posting. Kijiji’s location search sorts listings into a grid around major city centres. This means that if you live in an area with a smaller population (we see you, Napanee!), your listing will show up in searches for the nearest region, or city centre.

Changing your listing’s location in Buy & Sell, Cars & Vehicles, Real Estate, Services, Pets or Community:

1Enter your address or postal code in the Location field.*
2Select one of the suggested addresses from the drop-down menu.
3Click on the box below “Your Ad Will be Posted In” to select from nearby areas. 
If you don’t see the area you’d like to post in, click Change next to your address / postal code and use a postal code from the area that you want your ad to be posted in. Using the first 3 digits of an area’s postal code is enough.
4Remember to mention the actual area or municipality of your listing in the description. This will help potential buyers know where they need to travel.

Example: If you want to post in Edmonton, but your postal code is coming up as Red Deer, you can make sure that your ad is seen in Edmonton by using an Edmonton postal code. 

*When posting in Services, after entering your address or postal code, your ad will be posted in the Kijiji location closest to you. If you are posting to a metropolitan area that has several Kijiji locations, you may see the option to select your preferred location. 

Changing your listing’s location in Jobs or Vacation Rentals:

1Before creating your ad, change the location in the search bar to the area you want to post within, and hit the search button.
2Click "Post Ad" and fill in your title and category.
3Under the "Ad Details" section, click on the Location drop-down menu and select your area.
4In the Address field, enter the address you would like those viewing your ad to see. This can be as specific as your street address, or as broad as your city. The choice is yours!

Changing the location if your listing has already been posted

Unfortunately for paid/featured ads, once a listing is live, and the location has been set, it cannot be edited. If you’ve already posted your ad and you’d like to place it in a different region, you will need to delete and repost it. Good news is that you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting. For non-paid ads, you can simply edit your listing's location to the correct region. 

Adjusting the map if it’s showing up incorrectly

If the map address shown on your ad’s page is incorrect, and you entered the correct postal code, try editing your listing to include more specific information, like your street address. The mapping function on Kijiji is provided by a third party. (We’re fans of Google Maps). If entering both a written address and a postal code hasn’t fixed the issue, your address may be incorrect within Google’s system. We don’t have control over the Google Maps application, and cannot fix it on our end. If you encounter this issue, we recommend noting the address discrepancy in the main body of your ad to prevent any confusion.

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