I Posted My Ad Incorrectly

Never fear! Almost any part of your ad can be edited with only a few clicks. To learn how to edit your ad, click here.


What Can’t Be Edited

There are 4 parts of an ad that cannot be edited once it has been posted on the site. Here’s how to deal with each of those sections:


The type of information we request changes in each category. Due to this, it can’t be altered after an ad is created. If you’ve posted in the incorrect category, you will need to delete and repost your ad.

Offering vs Wanted

If you’ve accidentally posted as a Wanted ad instead of an Offering ad, or vice versa, you will need to delete and repost the ad.

Search Results Location

Once an ad has been posted (paid/featured ads only), it’s locked into that location. If you need to change it after posting, you’ll need delete and repost the ad. Before you do, click here to learn more about locations.

Poster’s Email

There is no way to move an ad from one Kijiji account to another. To change the email that is linked to your ad, you will need to change the email linked to your entire account. For instructions editing your account email, click here.

To post an ad under a different registered Kijiji account, you will need to delete the ad and repost it after logging into the correct account.


Unable to Edit Price, and Other Editing Issues

If you’re having trouble editing a section of your ad not mentioned in the list above, it may be due to the information that you’re trying to enter. Click here for issues editing price, kilometers, or other similar fields.

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