Why Can't I Post?

Are you seeing a message that says “Please fix the errors on the page" when trying to post your listing? Don’t sweat it! This just means that you need to adjust some of the information into one, or more, of the fields. Scroll down on the post ad page to see which sections are highlighted in red. 

Take a moment to review the following:

  • Missed a required field?
  • Extra spaces?
  • No photo submitted?
  • Is your location correct?
  • Have you paid the appropriate listing fee (* only applicable to certain categories)?
  • Have you included dollar signs, commas, or decimals which are not accepted into number fields such as mileage or price field?
  • Have you included words in your description which are not family friendly?
  • If you're located outside the country you may have difficulty using the site including posting ads

If you're still unsure  of why your listing isn't posting, please contact our customer support team so we may assist you further.

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