Using Kijiji With Google Chrome

If Chrome is your usual browser and you have not updated to the latest available version, you may have experienced issues accessing Kijiji. While Kijiji did not make any major changes that could have caused these irregularities, the older links that are present in outdated versions of browsers may be problematic. Rest assured the problem can be easily remedied through a few easy steps.

First, open a Chrome tab and access the Settings menu by clicking on the 3 dot menu, on the right hand side of the Chrome header. From there, open the About Chrome section and you will be able to update your Chrome in just one click, if it is indeed outdated.

Afterwards, please visit the History tab and clear your browsing data, including cookies, plug-in data and cached data and files.

This should do the trick and allow you to navigate Kijiji again, just as before!

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