Posting an ad on Kijiji is quick and hassle-free! Before you create your ad, ensure you have signed into your registered Kijiji account by selecting Sign In. If you are an unregistered Kijiji user, you can register an account easily prior to posting.

To post an ad:

1Select the Post Ad button found at the top of Kijiji.
2Type in the title you’d like to use for your ad and click Next.
3Depending on your title, we may suggest a category that would be appropriate for your ad. You can select one of the suggestions or choose a main category and sub-category (if required) from the list below.

If you’re posting an ad in Services, Real Estate, Jobs, Used Cars & Trucks or Vacation Rentals, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a Visibility Package. You can simply post your ad as you normally would, or you can choose a plan which includes features, to maximize your ad’s exposure in the listings.
4After selecting your category, you will be directed to the Post Your Ad page where you can enter your ad’s details including price, description, images & video and choose additional features for increased exposure.

To post a Wanted ad: select I Want under Ad Type.

To post as Free or Swap/ Trade: select a price of Free or Swap / Trade. Please note: only items that are being offered for free, with no additional stipulations, are permitted to be posted in this manner.
5Your location will default to show a general area instead of your exact street address. If you’d like your exact street address shown publicly, please check the “Show my exact location” box after entering your address. If your address or postal code isn’t showing the area you’d like to post within, click here to learn more about changing locations.
6Once you’ve filled in all relevant details, click Post Your Ad at the bottom of the page.