Avoiding Ticket Scams*

Over the years, a few key factors changed within the Tickets category, that presented new challenges to both buyers and sellers. Due to this, the decision was made to close the Tickets category. As of July 29th, 2019, no new ads were able to be posted in Tickets. As of September 29th, remaining ads in the category expired, marking the official closure.

Most tickets are no longer allowed on Kijiji.

We will still allow certain kinds of tickets to be posted in the Events category within the Community section. To be allowed on Kijiji, the event and applicable tickets must meet the following guidelines:

  • The event is small and focused on the local community, such as:
    • Charity fundraising events
    • Events held at, and operated by, a school, college, university or other post-secondary institution, a church or other place of worship, or a building owned or operated by a municipality, school board or community organization; or
    • Other local lifestyle events, such as food or street festivals, and local community tournaments.
  • Any tickets for the above noted events must be sold at face value or less and have a low monetary value (e.g. under $50 per ticket).

If you’re not sure if your event meets the above criteria, please contact our customer service team.

Here are a few tips to keep you from a big disappointment come event day:
  • The number one rule to remember is to always transact in person. In fact, we recommend meeting the seller at a place where you can actually have the tickets verified and authenticated, like the venue itself. The majority of scams in this section happen when transactions occur using online money transfers like Western Union or MoneyGram. Fraudsters will ask that potential buyers send a deposit, or the full amount, before they send the tickets. They typically disappear once the money has been received. 
If it looks too good to be true - it probably is. 
  • Research the prices for similar tickets offered at the event prior to replying to an ad - is the price out of line in comparison?
Do your homework.
  • Try to meet the seller at a place where you can have the tickets verified, like the venue itself. You will want to call ahead to ensure that they are both willing and able to check that particular event for you, as they are not always able to do this ahead of the event. 
It’s in the details.
  • Be careful of transactions that seem to be happening too fast and make you feel uncomfortable. While certain situations may require a quick sale, these should only be done in person and with hard tickets. Scammers like to put unnecessary pressure on people so they make poor decisions. Chances are that if you are being rushed into something, it isn’t going to end well. 
A few extra notes worth considering: 
  • Be very wary of E-tickets. Scammers have been known to abuse the fact that e-tickets can be easily reproduced and will print off as many copies of a certain ticket as possible. All of these tickets will work perfectly when entering the event, but only the first one scanned will be valid - while the rest will be denied entry. 
  • Box Office tickets also offer a potential hazard, as the scammers may not change the name that the Pre-Order tickets are under at the box office, once again denying you entry. 
Because of this, Kijiji does not recommend purchasing e-Tickets or box office tickets of any kind from users. 

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