Posting Dealer Ads

All ads placed in the Kijiji Cars & Trucks or Classic Cars categories will be automatically searchable on Kijiji Autos as well.

To get the benefits of posting as a dealer on both Kijiji and Kijiji Autos, you will need to set your Kijiji account to dealer status first.

Creating dealer ads:

1Go to Kijiji.
2Click Post Ad at the top of the page.
3Enter your ad’s title and choose the Cars & Trucks or Classic Cars category.
4Fill in your ad details. Remember to include as much information as you can.
5After you finish your ad, choose your feature package. Note: Choosing a visibility package gives your ad extra visibility and removes the listing fee for that ad.
6Click +Add to Shopping Cart at the bottom of the page.
7Continue creating ads if you’re selling multiple vehicles. If you’re done, scroll to the top-right of the page where it says Shopping Cart.
8Choose if you’d like to stagger your ads. If you want them all posted at once, uncheck Stagger my postings. If you do want them released in groups of 4 to spread them out in the queues, leave it checked.
9Click Proceed to Checkout.

Paying for Your Ads

You can choose to pay for your ads immediately after creating them, or later on. If you want to activate your ads right away, click Proceed to Checkout after creating the ad.

If you want to pay for them later, simply exit the Post Your Ad page. You can activate them at any time by going into My Ads and selecting Inactive. The Activate Ad button will bring you into the payment page where you can finalize your transaction.

To proceed with the payment:

1Enter your billing address and click Save and Proceed.
2Under the heading Your Order, you will see your total order and the final price. Please review this carefully before proceeding.
3The payment screen defaults to credit card. To pay by Visa or Mastercard, enter your card details. If you’d like to pay through PayPal, click the Pay With PayPal option to bring you to PayPal’s website. Follow the instructions there.
4Click Pay Now and your ad will be processed.

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