Kijiji Autos searches use filters to help you to narrow down on the vehicle you want. The first step in this process is using the search bar.

Make and Model

To select a make, click into that field on the search bar and select from the list. Once you’ve selected your make, you can select the specific model in the next field; this will limit your searches to only that make and/or model.

Note: Additional filter options can be found by clicking More filters in the top corner of the search bar.

Max Price

The maximum price should be set to the most you’re willing to pay for a vehicle. The results will show every vehicle listed below that price (that also fits your other filters). Remember, you can always negotiate down. If you choose too low a price, you may miss a great vehicle that could have been just on the edge of your price range.

Max Kilometers

Like price, this should be set to the highest number of kilometres that you’re willing to accept in a used car. Once set, you will only see vehicles that have fewer kilometres than what you’ve entered.

If you’d like to enter your filters before beginning the search, click Advanced Search. You can always add or adjust the filters after starting your search as well. 

If you want even more control over your searches, read our Using Search Filters article.

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