Safety at Kijiji

Your right to a comfortable, safe experience on Kijiji is our highest priority. Most users have an issue-free experience on the platform, but there are rare instances of fraudulent or suspicious activity. Take a glance at our top tips to help protect yourself.
  • Remember that Kijiji encourages you to buy and sell amongst your community! If possible, we encourage you to conduct your transactions in person and in a public setting, like a coffee shop or shopping mall. This will give you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the item before completing the transaction. 
  • When scheduling a meet-up with another Kijiji user, pick a time during the day and in a setting with a lot of people nearby.
  • On occasions that you do need to visit someone’s home to see an item, we enthusiastically suggest going with a family member or friend.
  • As a safer alternative to carrying cash, consider a cashless form of payment! Bank transfers, mobile payments, and digital wallets are all great payment options.
  • Be wary of users asking you to wire money to them. It’s an easy way to take your funds and disappear, and may tip you off to a scam. If you sent money using a wire transfer company like MoneyGram or Western Union, contact that company right away. Tell them it was a fraudulent transfer. Ask them to reverse the wire transfer and give you your money back:
    • MoneyGram at 1-800-MONEYGRAM (1-800-666-3947)
    • Western Union at 1-800-325-6000
  • Don’t overlook suspicious emails asking you to confirm your Kijiji account or password, or if you receive a notification about an email address change that was not requested. These may be phishing attempts to gain access to your account. For more information about signing in securely to the Kijiji site Click here
  • Keep up to date on common, and emerging, trends for scams. You can find safety tips to avoid category-specific scams on Kijiji in our articles, “Tips for Avoiding Scams": Tickets, Real Estate, Cars and Vehicles, Jobs, Services, and Pets.
  • If you’ve received a suspicious reply to a listing you’ve posted, check out our Avoiding reply scams article. 
  • Never share your personal or banking information over the Internet. 
  • Be cautious of unsolicited emails or spam from unknown sources or questionable links in social media messages. They may contain malware that could harm your computer and potentially steal your personal data.
  • Inform the Kijiji team right away if you’ve been exposed to any fraudulent or suspicious activity (via our Contact Us page) 
  • If you believe that you’ve been the victim of a scam, please visit our “What to Do if I’ve Been Scammed” Help article.
  • We recommend staying up-to-date and following the latest guidelines from your local health authorities and Health Canada for how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or other respiratory illnesses, etc.) while buying and selling through Kijiji.
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