Why can't I find my listing?

After all the time and care you put into creating your listing, we understand that you might want to see how it appears to potential buyers, or check on how it’s performing. We have a few things to keep in mind if you’re trying to track down your listing.

Your listing is active and searchable, even if you don't see it

Looking for your listing? Remember to set your location to the neighbourhood attached to your ad. Searching within an area that’s too large can make even the highest ranked listings tricky to find. Double check that the keywords you’re using in your search match the language in your listing.  If you’ve added a feature to your listing, check out the articles below for more information:

Your listing might be delayed, pending or on hold


Don’t worry if you don’t see your ad right away. It can take some time for new, or edited listings, to go live on Kijiji. *If you've paid for a feature and your ad is delayed the feature will start once the ad goes live.*


Check to see if your listing is “pending”. Go to “My Ads/Listings” and click on the tab that says “Inactive.” It’s possible that you might need to pay an extra fee to publish your listing. Click “Activate Ad” and fill in your payment details. You can find out more about listing fees below:

On Hold

If your listing is placed on hold, you should receive an email shortly that explains why. Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team to fix it.

Your listing might not be connected to your account

If you don’t see your listing when you’re on the “My Ads/Listings” page, make sure you’re signed into the correct account. You can check which account you’re signed into by going into “Account Settings/Personal details.” The email shown there should be the same address that received the “Your Kijiji Ad Is Active!” confirmation email. If you’re signed into the same account, but still don’t see your listing, check your email! In the event that your listing was removed, we’ve sent along an email with details on why it was taken down.

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