F.A.Q for Employers of Veterans

Why consider a Veteran?

They possess unique qualities and abilities not often found in the civilian labour force. Basic qualities that all Veterans possess are: task prioritization, leadership ability, problem solving ability, adaptive to changing situations, stress management, individual and team tasks, working in extreme environments, basic office skills, first aid and fire prevention, among other attributes. Their instinct is to pitch in, pick up tools, and get the job done. They are likely to possess charisma, quiet confidence, and physical stamina.


What jobs are suitable for Veterans?

Pretty much anything. Veterans are trained and held to a high standard in many different skills and trades. Depending on a Veteran’s trade, employers can expect qualifications and experience from recognized red seal trades to large-scale logistical deployment. Please only ​tag your job ad as suitable for a Veteran if you are willing to give them active consideration.


How do I know they're a real Veteran?

Some applicants may try to pose as Veterans. Ask for a copy of their MPRR (Member's Personal Record Resume) and quiz them on the details of their service. Be cautious of 'heroic' postings like Special Forces and other 'Hollywood' units. Veterans with more than ten years of service also have Veteran Photo ID cards you can ask to see.


How will their applications look different?

These men and women have been out of the civilian workforce for many years, so their job history, education, and skill set may not be as complete as other applicants. For many, the Armed Forces has been their first and only job, so they may not present as polished as other candidates in interviews. Try to look beyond that and get a sense of them as qualified and dedicated employees highly capable of learning and adapting.


What's in it for me?

As many Veterans face civilian employment for the first time, this is your chance to honour their service to Canada by providing what everyone needs to thrive: meaningful work. In addition, you will get a loyal, hardworking, and switched on employee who no matter how tough the going gets, has probably endured worse.

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