Make an Offer

Make an offer is an app-only feature in the Buy and Sell category. Using this feature allows you to easily contact a seller by initiating a chat to let them know the amount you're willing to pay for their item. These offers (like all other offers made via Kijiji) are not a confirmation of payment. This is simply an easy way to get negotiations started.

*Note for buyers: On the View Item Page, you will see a button to ‘Send offer’ beside the button to Chat. Once you select ‘Send offer’, you will see three options: one to offer 10% less, one to make an offer for the listed price, and one to type in an offer of your own choosing. 
An example of the options to make an offer
When you have made your choice, you may select ‘Send offer’ to send a message to the seller. By doing so, the seller will be asked if they would accept the $ amount you have chosen. Once you’ve made contact with the seller you may continue to negotiate via Chat, and make plans to meet the seller to complete the purchase. You may also change your mind and cancel the offer at any time, by replying in that conversation that you are no longer interested. 
The chat window for make an offer
*Note for sellers: In your Chat tab, Send offer conversations appear differently from regular conversations as they have a hand icon underneath a $ symbol. Once you receive this type of offer, you may continue to negotiate via Chat, and make plans to meet the buyer to complete the sale. 
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