Response Time

As a buyer, it’s always helpful to know how quickly you can expect to hear back from a seller, especially when it comes to buying something you’re truly interested in. As a seller, letting potential buyers know how quickly they can expect to hear from you can provide a good heads-up! Thanks to the information provided by Average Reply, everyone’s expectations are set, knowing that a response will likely arrive within a particular time frame.

When you’re logged into your Kijiji account, you’ll be able to see the seller’s profile when browsing through ads on Kijiji.  If you’re browsing our site as a guest, simply register with Kijiji to access the seller’s full profile. It’s free! Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to see the seller’s average reply, reply rate and how long they’ve been a Kijiji user.


So, how does it work?

Your average reply will be displayed after you’ve responded a minimum of 10 times to Kijiji replies, through either email or in-app messaging with one or more buyers. We know that situations come up that prevent you from answering right away, so rest assured that only your most average reply times are used, and anything out of the ordinary is left out.

You can expect to see the following average replies:

  • Within 2 hours
  • Within a few hours
  • Within 1 day
  • Within a few days

As a seller, this can be a very helpful tool. We recommend that you respond to replies to your ads sooner rather than later, as this will make you appear more reliable to buyers. Knowing what to expect can take the guesswork out of the transaction and improve the experience.

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