Image Errors

If you experience any problems uploading pictures, please try the following:

  • Enable JavaScript in your web browser
  • Reduce the size of the pictures to less than 15MB each (4MB for bitmap images)
  • Ensure that the image dimensions are more than 300x300 pixels
  • Ensure that the image dimensions are less than 6500x6500 pixels
  • Ensure the pictures are in GIF, JPEG, BMP or PNG format
  • Turn off any banner blocking, anti-virus or firewall software
  • Ensure you're using the latest version of your web browser (Chrome and Firefox work best with Kijiji). Switching to a different browser may also rectify any image uploading issues
  • Please ensure that your device settings are set to allow the Kijiji app to access your photos and that all notifications are enabled


    IOS Permissions for the Kijiji app  Notifications permissions on the Kijiji app


    Permissions for Android devices for Kijiji app  Kijiji app notification permissions

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