The Kijiji App!

The Kijiji app has all the features you love with a new look and feel. As of March 25, 2024, versions 17 and older of the Kijiji App will no longer be supported. It’s important that you update to the latest version via the Google Play Store or the App Store to continue using Kijiji.

Here are some key features:
  • A more user-friendly design and layout
  • Mark your listings as sold 
  • Save your listings as drafts
  • Choose dark mode if needed
  • Manage your account and listings from the app including expired listings
  • Seller badges, to help showcase Top Sellers and responsiveness
  • Improved Homepage experience that offers more listings that are better tailored to your Kijiji activity

Here are some FAQs about what you can expect from the new app:
  1.  How has the app changed?
    • You can still search, chat, post listings, and manage your account all from the app. What's changed is that we've updated how certain features work.
  2.  I liked the old app; why did you make these changes now?
    • We updated the app so we can bring you new and exciting features like faster upload for your photos and videos and better communication management in conversations. This update brings fixes that improve our product while delivering a better experience to our community of users including a “dark mode” feature.
  3.  Will the app automatically update or can I keep the old one?
    • Yes, the app will automatically update, provided your device is compatible and is set to "auto-update." If your device isn't set to "auto-update", head to the app store to install the upgrade because we will be disabling access to the old version of the app as of March 25, 2024. 
  4. I’m unable to update the app due to my device, what now?
    • If you’re using an older device with operating systems IOS 12.5 or below or Android 5 or below, you can still Kijiji on the go by visiting on your mobile browser. Any listings/paid features will still be available in your account when you login.
  5. How do I turn on dark mode?
    • In the app, go to ‘Profile’ at the top right corner of your screen, then display settings, then app theme where you have the option to select dark mode, light mode or to have the app use the same mode settings as your device.
  6.  Can I still post an ad the same way as before?
    • Yes, we've just made the process more straightforward. Make sure to include a photo!
  7.  How can I save my listing as a draft?
    • If you aren’t ready to post your listing, you can save it as a draft by selecting the 'save draft' option in the top right corner. The listing will then be moved to the inactive tab in your 'listings' column so you can easily go back and finish the post when you are ready!
  8.  Will I still be able to search?
    • Yes! The search functionality is still there. Easily find what you're looking for by entering keywords related to your search and browsing throughout different categories.
  9.  So you’re saying I can now manage my sold and expired listings from the app?
    • Yes, that's correct. You can now manage your listings from the app. We have three sections: Active, Inactive (including expired listings), and Sold. To repost an expired ad, go to 'inactive listings' and select 'repost'.
  10.  How will favourites work? 
    • You can continue to favourite listings by selecting the heart icon when you view a listing. You can find your saved favourites in your favourites tab.
  11.  Where can I find my saved searches? 
    • Similar to favourites, you can set up a saved search by selecting the ribbon icon under the search bar. Once you've saved your search, you can find it in the favourites tab. You can also find your saved searches on the homepage!
  12.  I can’t seem to log in to the app, why isn’t my password working?
  13.  Will these new features be available on the website?
    • Some of these features will be available on web, but others are unique to the app, such as our homepage with enhanced recommendations, seller badges, and the ability to save draft listings.
 We hope you will enjoy the updated app experience! If you have feedback or further questions please contact us. For some additional tips and tricks see Kijiji Central
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