Reply Rate

We’ve added a new calculation to seller profiles! Reply rate indicates how often a seller replies to a buyer’s first message. Sellers that often reply to all buyers (even just to inform the buyer that it’s not available) will have a high reply rate, while those that do not always reply will show a lower reply rate.

A rating will appear on a seller’s profile after they’ve received enough messages to display an accurate average. If they don’t have a rating, it’s because they haven’t received enough messages from buyers yet.


What If I Miss a Message?

Reply rates are calculated over a seller’s entire history, so if you miss a message or two, don’t worry! It won’t affect your rating by much unless it’s a consistent trend. If your reply rating goes down, just remember to reply to each buyer in the future and your rating will go back up.


What If the Buyer Keeps Replying?

Reply rate is only counted on the opening message. If a buyer keeps replying after you’ve told them it’s not available, your reply rate won’t drop if you stop replying or block further messages.


Can I See My Own Reply Rate?

Yes, you can! To see your own profile information:

1Click My Kijiji.
2Select Edit Profile.
3Click View my profile on the right side of the page.

The information shown at the top of the screen will be what other members will see when clicking on your profile.