How Long Are Ads Active?

Ads in most categories stay on Kijiji for 60 days. There are 3 exceptions, listed below:

Vacation Rental ads

Free ads in this category will last for 30 days. If you upgrade your ad, you can choose longer posting terms that can go all the way up to a year. Click here to learn more about Vacation Rentals.

Ads with Listing Fees

Listing Fees apply to most categories after hitting a limit of free ads. If a listing fee is applied, the ad will run for 31 days before another listing fee will need to be applied. To learn more about listing fees, click one of the links below:

  Professional Ads

Paid Dealer, Job Professional and Real Estate Professional ads will stay active for 31 days before they will need to be reposted.

Expiring Ads

A few days before your ad expires, you will receive an email notification with the option to repost. Reposting an ad extends its life by the same length of time it was originally active. As such, if your ad ran for 60 days the first time, it will run for another 60 days. If you originally posted with a listing fee or as a professional poster, your ad will run for another 31 days.

Reposting will also bring it back to the top of the most recent ads in its category. If you would like to move your ad higher in the newest ads order before it expires, consider applying a Bump up.

After an Ad Has Expired

Once an ad has expired, it will no longer be visible to buyers on Kijiji. You will still be able to access and repost your ad from your My Ads > Inactive section for up to 60 days after its expiry.* After that final 60 days, the ad will be removed completely from the site unless it is reposted.

If you want to repost an ad that has expired, please access your Kijiji account, select "My Ads" on Desktop or "Listings" on the App and then "Inactive Ads" and you will be able to repost any of your ads that expired. Expired ads will remain available for reposting in the 'Inactive Ads' tab for 60 days.

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