Homepage Gallery Feature

There’s no place like home. The Homepage Gallery feature upgrades your ad so that a second copy appears in the Homepage Gallery. This is a special section on the web version of the Kijiji Homepage (before you select a category) where ads are prominently displayed for greatest visibility.


Homepage Gallery


This 7 day option is available for purchase on desktop and mobile devices (via your browser), however it is not viewable on the Kijiji app. This popular feature can be purchased from the My Ads/Listings section of your account for an existing ad or at the bottom of the post ad form when you post a new ad.


  • The Homepage Gallery feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings.
  • Your ad must have at least one picture uploaded in order to use this feature.
  • The Homepage Gallery shows up to 7 ads at a time. If there are more ads than can be displayed, you can refresh the page or click an arrow to the right of the ads to see more.
  • This feature is currently only applicable to ads on Kijiji and will not apply to Kijiji Autos.
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