Urgent, Featured & Reduced Banner

In a hurry to sell? The Urgent/ Featured/ Reduced icons can be used to indicate when you have priced your item for a quick sale. Ads with the various Urgent, Featured or Reduced icons stand out from all others because of their different look.


Urgent feature



  • This will display as Featured in the Real Estate category, Urgent in the Buy & Sell, Jobs, Vehicle Parts, Tires, & Accessories, and selected Pets categories. In all other Cars & Vehicles categories, it will display as Reduced (as this is a more appropriate label for these categories).
  • The Highlight feature is available for purchase in all other categories for increased visibility.
  • The feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings.
  • Ads marked Urgent, Featured or Reduced will include the icons for a period of one week after the date of purchase.
  • This feature is currently only applicable to ads on Kijiji and will not apply to Kijiji Autos.
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