Service Alert: Kijiji is Experiencing Technical Difficulties
Service Alert: Kijiji is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Why Postal Codes are Mandatory

Trading during COVID-19
In order to help ensure the health and safety of our Kijiji Community, it is important to observe and apply protocols outlined by Health Canada when trading on Kijiji. Your well-being remains our top priority. Please seriously consider whether in-person meetings are necessary.
If the transaction you’re making is necessary, please consider the following options:
  • Cashless Payment: Please consider choosing your preferred, secure cashless payment method when transacting. You’re also able to link your PayPal account directly when transacting on Kijiji if you wish.
  • Shipping: If considering sending/receiving the item via Canada Post or other shipping agents, ensure that the agent you’re using is reputable; it’s recommended that if using a shipping agent that a tracking number is used when sending/receiving items.
  • Curbside pickup / Drop-off / Delivery: This can be a great alternative to shipping and allows both buyer and seller to make an exchange, while observing social-distancing protocols.
Other things to consider:
  • Remote Inspections: Remote inspections via your preferred video conferencing call service, enables both buyer and seller to discuss the transaction and view the item in question while observing social-distancing protocols. Community Members can also send additional images of items to show its condition.
  • Clean / Disinfect Items: We recommend cleaning items before and after a transaction as per the Health Canada page on Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention. Please visit Health Canada to learn more about precautions to take at this time.

Would you agree that it’s all about location, location, location when buying or selling on Kijiji? As a local classifieds site, we would! Being able to find an item that’s in a specific area simplifies the buying process. That’s why we’re now requiring sellers to include their full postal code when posting an ad on Kijiji.


Here are the benefits:

  • You can search for items or services in a specific area rather than having to sort through ads in an entire city
  • The distance search is more accurate which is especially important if your nearest Kijiji city is too large or too far away from home
  • A map will appear on each and every ad, giving a visual idea of where the item is located
  • Buyers won’t see an exact location pin on the map, but rather a circle in the general area associated with the Postal Code
  • You’re not required to include your specific home address, but if you do, a red pin will drop on your specific address on the map instead of a blue circle

Please note:

  • Postal codes do not provide an exact address. Generally, each one could include hundreds of houses so there’s no need to be concerned with buyers knowing where you live.
  • Please do not post multiple ads using multiple postal codes so that your ad will be posted in more than one city.  We reserve the right to remove ads that hinder the user experience.