Mark as Rented

This is a Kijiji app feature exclusively in the Real Estate - for rent categories (Long Term Rentals, Short Term Rentals, Room Rentals & Roommates, Storage & Parking for Rent and Commercial & Office Space for Rent), where you can mark your property as rented once you’ve completed your transaction with the renter. This will remove the listing and let users know that it’s no longer available. The listing can then be found under the Listings/Sold tab. 

To mark the listing as rented:
  1. Select Listings from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the ad from the active listings that you wish to Mark as rented.
  3. Select the Mark as rented button.
  4. Select where you rented (Kijiji, elsewhere or prefer not to say).
  5. If you rented via Kijiji, select who you rented to, from your conversations.
  6. Once the listing is removed, you and the renter will have the option to conduct a user review based on the transaction.
  7. If you change your mind, you can reactivate your listing from the Listings/Sold tab where you can select Mark as available. Once Marked as rented, the ad will remain in the Sold tab for 60 days. 
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