Posting as Professional or Private

If you own or work for any related employment company, we ask that you register your Kijiji account as a Professional Employer. Some examples of related businesses include:

  • Staffing or Recruitment Agencies
  • Employment Services, Job Banks
  • Individuals or businesses posting multiple job opportunities regularly


  • If your household regularly posts job listings, then you fit Kijiji's designation as a Professional Employer. While you may not self-identify as such, we do require those who regularly post job opportunities to identify themselves in this way both to comply with our policies and to provide clarity to our users.
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM) representatives that use Kijiji to post job listings for the recruitment of additional staffing or distributors are required to post in the Jobs category, as Professional Employer, and pay a fee upon the first ad posted.

These rules are in response to requests from our community to uphold the open and safe operation of Kijiji for the benefit of job seekers and professionals alike. Please take note and advertise responsibly.

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